Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baked & Delicious prize

Early September 2011, I entered a competition to win a subscription to 'Baked & Delicious International classics to bake at home' magazine, on the blog of Veronica at 'someday we will sleep'. She wrote a funny post on baking with children that  I could completely relate to, having four children of my own:  how-to-bake-cupcakes-with-your-children-giveaway/
 Fast forward to November and some parcels have arrived. Each magazine comes with silicone bakeware. There are ten recipes each issue, all of which are illustrated in glossy colour. Three of the recipes have step-by-step coloured photos and intstructions and there is at least one recipe in each edition to follow in which to use the cookware. To see more details on the magazine, extra gifts and subscription details, see
  My goal is to bake something from a Baked and Delicious magazine and share my cooking each week on my blog. Have a fabulous week and stay tuned for some cooking inspiration. Smiles, Alannah

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  1. Congratulations, how cool!! I do everything with my children - when they feel included their behaviour reflects it. I've had my 4 sitting on the counter with a whisk or wooden spoon mixing up something since they were babies. I'm a terrible cook so we bake a lot together!! At least now they've starting hitting high school they know how to make a basic cake, cookies, meringue, quiche, stew, casserole & any basic chicken dish. Now they are cooking for us, it's brilliant, love Posie