Saturday, November 27, 2010

luv headbands and hair ties range from luvbooks

I saw some headbands in a shoe shop which were $25 and I knew I could make my own for much less.  Introducing the luv range, so beautifully modelled by my daughter.  These are headbands and hair ties made by me.  From the top ,luv chocolate, luv bright, luv candy, luv sunshine, then luv evening, luv Lily and luv pastel. Luv Lily has gone in the parcel for a little girl who is 6 to 8years old for under the tree at church.  Luv candy is included in a present for a little girl at Playgroup.  Each year, we hold a Christmas party where we give a present to another mum, and to two children, in a Kris Kringle fashion.  This will be our seventh Christmas party as the original babies are all seven!  I am not sure of the homes for the other headbands, yet! thanks for looking and have a fabulous week. 


  1. Just Gorgeous Alannah! Some of those flowers look familiar, love what you have done with them!