Saturday, January 8, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts

Naomi from Seven Cherubs and Michelle from Farmer's Wifey have started the Battle of the Blogger Butts in an aim to lose some weight before a conference.  I am going to join them in the quest, but not the conference!
Last year our family managed to lose some weight, my husband a huge amount, and I am sorry to say I have put 2kgs back on.
January 2010, I was 78kgs, and managed with a lot of difficulty to lose 6kgs, to be at a great 72kg.  I was so thrilled to be a size 12 again, and to be able to wear my wedding ring for the first time in many years. Unfortunately, a bit has snuck up on me, ( I am sure from behind), and on 1 January, I weighed in at 73.7kg.  My short term goal is to go back to 72kg, and to tone up my body
Week one: 1 January, 73.7, nice afternoon walk with my husband
                  2 January Sunday, no exercise!
                  3 January, afternoon walk with a friend
                  4 January, afternoon walk
                  5 January, morning walk and 15 laps of the pool, (then a really long float without any interruptions! Bliss)
                   6 January, morning walk
                   7 January, morning walk which included some running!
                   8 January, a huge morning walk, and for the locals that know me, and the area,  this included a drive to Lion's Park, and walking the paths behind KMart, through mud puddles, past ducks and around duck poo, and then came out at the end of the path practically at NRG!  Walked the now busy road towards, and  detoured through the cemetary, did not stop at McDonalds, and then stretched out my sore legs in the park.  I did this walk with a friend! 
                  9 January, Sunday, day off!
At this point, I would like to let you know I am 5ft9, or 175 cms, so my BMI is 23.7, which is in the healthy range. 
I do have a gym membership, and also a membership at the golf course.  My baby will be at Prep this year, and is nearly five, so once the kids are all back at school, hopefully it will be easier to fit everything in.  Of course, I don't do things by half as I have been accepted to study Health Promotion at University, ( part-time), so I will have to practice what I preach.
Good luck to all participants, and I will blog again next week.

 This is a photo taken during the Christmas card photo shoot, 21 November, and as I am the one usually behind the camera, there are no more of me closer to January 1!


  1. Yay, thanks so much for participating, you did tonnes of exercise this week! I really need the motivation from others and I think putting this out in the blogasphere! and in public makes it a bit more of a challenge!!!! Well done!

  2. Good luck we are all cheering each other on. I look forward to everyone's progress :-)

  3. wow you have been busy this week.
    Good Job!

  4. so love your honesty in sharing your feelings and weight. I love how much walking you did and that you even managed to fit it in with some friends. I am so looking forward to seeing how you go and from being motivated from you. take care. Naomi x