Saturday, January 15, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts week two

After all the exercise last week, my starting weight for week two is 73.5, a loss of 200grams!
This week I have been continuing with lots of exercise:
Monday 10 January: workout at the gym
Tuesday 11 January: evening walk
Wednesday 12 January: morning workout at the gym. This was a really hot day and my gym is not air-conditioned, so I walked and ran on the treadmill, did some rowing, leg presses, preacher curl weights and then went home for a lovely cold shower! (DH stayed at the gym, so instead of having a swim to cool off, I showered, then went back to collect him)
Thursday 13 January: morning walk and 20 laps of the pool
Friday 14 January: morning walk and 21 laps of the pool
Saturday 15 January: tackled the big walking track behind KMart, although this time took different turns, so didn't have to walk back to the car along the highway. Home to cool off with 25 laps of the pool.
Today is Sunday, and there may be a late walk.  My weight this morning was 73.3, so a loss of another 200grams.  This is typical of the way I lose weight....very slowly! It is DD's birthday tomorrow, so I want to be home in the morning when she wakes, and we are having roast lamb for dinner.  I don't think I will exercise tomorrow....perhaps a few laps of the pool with the kids..(does that count????LOL)

The other news I have is that the bedroom (and cupboard) of the two youngest has been sorted and completely cleared to repaint the  walls and repolish the floor.  This is the start of a renovation of the whole house. This is such a HUGE job.  The little kids slept in the loungeroom last night on mattresses, and I am using the cleanup and paint purchase as my excuse for a late posting.  The photos  show me before my afternoon walk in my studio, and the other is helping DH with the curtains, and then DS polishing the floor, just like Daddy.  Can you see the difference in the floor colour from just one sand?  The floor is high grade cypress pine, and DH polished it when we built 16 years ago!  Have a fabulous week. smiles.


  1. Great stuff, losing some weight no matter how much is great, I put on weight this week boo hoo, only 200 grams but thats okay. You have done heaps of exercise, I hope I can get started again this week x

  2. Nice work there! Any loss is a good one :O)

  3. Slow and steady loss is a much better way to go - it's probably exactly the same way you put the kgs on!!
    Well done though with all that exercise you managed to fit it! That will really help :-)
    looking forward to hearing how you get on next week :-)