Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts week eight (or better late than never)

Hi there, I am back!
My apologies for the lateness of my post, and also the omission of weeks six and seven. My holiday was overseas to visit some lovely friends in Abu Dhabi and London, and then a short tour around parts of Ireland.  I went by myself and left DH home with the four kids! I did not pack my joggers, although I did do some exercise!  I strolled around a mosque and walked up sand dunes;  ran alongside trains to the correct carriage while carrying heavy shopping bags; walked kids to school;  climbed many stairs at  train and tube stations; walked streets looking for shopping opportunities and places to eat; strode along many airport concourses; dragged two heavy suitcases and climbed many winding staircases in a few medieval castles.  I ate lots of seafood chowder, drank lots of wine and champagne and did not waste any time sleeping! I was awake for 42 hours straight on the flights home, so came home a little too tired to exercise.  I am pleased to say I have walked for the last two mornings for 45 minutes each time, and my starting weight was 72.8kgs, so actually a small loss from before I went away. Here are some photos to bore you all!  Dinner of Indian in London, dressed in an abaya in Abu Dhabi (so want one for fat days), out in the desert, wine drinking in London, afternoon tea in Harrods.  smiles and have a great week!


  1. perfect proof that exercise can be part of your everday - and doesn't have to involve a 'gym'!!!
    Looks like you had a great time :-)

  2. I'm so glad you had an amazing time..Is that Catherine??? She looks wonderful...I'm also glad you have posted here again...we have decided to keep the challenge going after the bloggers conference because everyone really loves the support and motivation xox