Sunday, March 27, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts update

Welcome to my Battle of the Blogger Butts post, number I have no idea.  While I didn't join some of the participants at the Blogger Conference, I have seen some photos and hear that a good time was had by all.  In the last two weeks, I have exercised, only walking, as I can't seem to get to that gym, although I do have a membership.  What I have found works for me is crawling out of bed into my Lorna Jane gear and walking the streets with my neighbour.  A 6.45am start and then a walk for just over thirty minutes still gives me time for a shower and encouraging hurry up words to the kids and then the school run drive. Weekends are a later start at 8am or even a 3 or 4pm walk for around an hour.  I recall at least nine walks since the last blog post, and a weigh in at 73kg, which although is up a bit from last post, still not too bad.....and muscle is heavier than fat! DH's birthday on the 21st was a lunch time movie and then a salad at the pub next door to the theatre.  Last Friday was a dinner out with some school mums, where I had the goat's cheese salad, which had a tiny piece of goat cheese, some eggplant and lots of baby rocket.  My weakness at the moment is creme brulee, so I had that too....yummy! As I had a lovely mum drove me home, I made sure that I drank more than if I was driving....therefore two small Sav Blanc glasses of wine later.  This morning's morning walk was good, and I using walking and chocolate as my stress releases this week.  My degree is stressing me out, as is a sick boy with high temps, and the usual life with teenagers, and four kids! ( I am sure you all know what I mean) . Here is a photo taken by DS 5yrs before dinner with the girls.  smiles and have a great week, Alannah


  1. creme brulee.. yummmm :)
    loving your pic, it looks like you have a good little photographer in training!

  2. You look great in this photo. I hope that the world has been kinder to you this week and you have had the opportunity to enjoy your morning walks rather than soothing unwell kids.