Friday, April 15, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts continues....

Another week has passed, and it was such a big one for me.  All four kids and I are still sick, and I have been away for study reasons.  A walk on the beach one afternoon was all I could manage, although this morning I weighed in at 72.7, so loss of a hundred grams! Apparently, it is not safe to exercise while you are sick, so I am trying to take things easy.
This is my husband and I enjoying our champagne and cheese platter last week for our wedding anniversary.

Have a great blogger butt week! smiles, Alannah


  1. Loving your photo, Looks like you had a lovely wedding Anniversary :)

  2. Great photo and congrats on your anniversary - last week was a great week for anniversaries! I hope you are feeling better x

  3. oooo nice champers!! enjoy your anniversary!
    feel better soon :-)

  4. Your photo made me grin! I was sick this week too and I bet I didn't lose 100g- I'd be happy if I only put ON 100g! So well done you!

  5. Happy anniversary. I hope you are feeling better this week.