Friday, April 8, 2011

another Battle of the Blogger Butts

As I take a break from studying anatomy today, and feeling like my gluteus maximus is getting bigger by the day, it is time to reflect on my efforts in the past week.
Last weekend I was in Brisbane for a conference, and did join a few friends for a morning stroll, and also joined some other friends for a wine at the RSL down the road! On Wednesday, DH and I met with  another couple and drove a couple of hours to enjoy breakfast at a cafe, then took the Red Rocks Walking Trail and finished up with a late picnic lunch.  Unfortunately, poor choice of ice cream resulted in food poisoning once we were home again! Catching the flu going the rounds and still feeling squeamish has put a dampener on exercise....add in most of the family sick and it such a happy place...NOT! This morning the scales flashed 72.8, so pretty happy with that! Yesterday was our 22nd Wedding Anniversary ( I was 12 when we got married!), and because we are all under the weather, we stayed home and enjoyed a roast pork with vegetables ( I love roast potato) and opened and finished the bottle of Moet I got duty free on my holiday.  Chocolates from Darell Lea were also enjoyed!  Today, all the soft centres are eaten and the kids have just left the hard nougat ones for me!

DH and I relaxing under a tree during our long walk.  It was super windy, but otherwise the weather was great.  When we were nearly back to the car, the men went for a swim in the ocean.
The Red Rocks Walking Trail map.
Next week I will be out of town for four days of University residential college, however, there is a lovely walk planned along a beach near where I am staying.  Hope you all have a great week.  smiles, Alannah


  1. oh yummo i love Roast Pork..

    Hope you are feeling better soon!
    we to are suffering colds..

    Besides the food poisoning and not feeling well it sounds like you have had a lovely time..

  2. I love roast spuds too! Oh no food poisoning, I feel your pain literally....

    There is nothing better than walking along the beach..I don't do it nearly enough!