Sunday, April 24, 2011

more of my attempt at Battle of the Blogger Butts

This last week has not featured any sweaty exercise, although I have walked along beaches, flown kites, and been in the lovely outdoors with the most glorious April weather here in Central QLD.  I haven't weighed myself this morning, but I feel about the same.  Thank goodness Easter is here and those tempting hot cross buns will leave the shelves until January 2012! The Easter Bunny left quite a stash, though!  I am still not well enough for long walks, but am planning a short one this afternoon!
smiles, and have a great week.
My gorgeous niece and I down at the Marina for her birthday

Grasstree Beach, a gorgeous place to visit.

Flying kites at Grasstree Beach.  Next time, we will go down onto the sand at low tide.


  1. Hi Alannah
    I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Easter. Hopefully you all had a good rest.
    Take care and talk soon

  2. Hear hear - about Easter goodies being gone for another 8 months, for me the temptation is Cadbury Creme Eggs!

    I hope you are feeling better this week. I am sure the lovely walks and kite flying has made up for lack of 'real' exercise!

  3. Hasn't the weather been amazing this makes you want to spend all of the time outside...I think we need a free pass over Easter so we don't have to weigh in lol