Monday, October 25, 2010

Giveaway over at seven cherubs
check out the blog of this mum with seven little ones....four is more than enough for me!  She has a great giveaway....let her in on your mummy secret....mine is read to babies, every day! smiles.
what a picture!! It couldn't  be one of mine as they were all such little baldies and had hardly any hair until they were two....well, the girls that is...DS had more hair than the girls!!  smiles


  1. LOL looks like one of mine.
    I cannot imagine her life for 5 mins I have twin boys the same age as her twin sons I know what mischief mine get up too in 3 mins ....only 50 times a day.I don't have other younger children (well 17yr old is kinda trouble)
    I love reading to my children's the only time I am safe !! and yes SMILES !

  2. Classic shot!! Hi there fellow mummy of 4, pleased to meet you!! I saw a comment & had to find out who this Alannah was, as i have a niece named Alannah, same spelling, not very common. Love Posie