Sunday, March 27, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts update

Welcome to my Battle of the Blogger Butts post, number I have no idea.  While I didn't join some of the participants at the Blogger Conference, I have seen some photos and hear that a good time was had by all.  In the last two weeks, I have exercised, only walking, as I can't seem to get to that gym, although I do have a membership.  What I have found works for me is crawling out of bed into my Lorna Jane gear and walking the streets with my neighbour.  A 6.45am start and then a walk for just over thirty minutes still gives me time for a shower and encouraging hurry up words to the kids and then the school run drive. Weekends are a later start at 8am or even a 3 or 4pm walk for around an hour.  I recall at least nine walks since the last blog post, and a weigh in at 73kg, which although is up a bit from last post, still not too bad.....and muscle is heavier than fat! DH's birthday on the 21st was a lunch time movie and then a salad at the pub next door to the theatre.  Last Friday was a dinner out with some school mums, where I had the goat's cheese salad, which had a tiny piece of goat cheese, some eggplant and lots of baby rocket.  My weakness at the moment is creme brulee, so I had that too....yummy! As I had a lovely mum drove me home, I made sure that I drank more than if I was driving....therefore two small Sav Blanc glasses of wine later.  This morning's morning walk was good, and I using walking and chocolate as my stress releases this week.  My degree is stressing me out, as is a sick boy with high temps, and the usual life with teenagers, and four kids! ( I am sure you all know what I mean) . Here is a photo taken by DS 5yrs before dinner with the girls.  smiles and have a great week, Alannah

Friday, March 11, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts week ten

Hi all,
how can my weeks go so fast?  Last Saturday I was 72.4, in the morning, before having the duck and the Sav Blanc at a lovely restaurant with long time friends for lunch.  Some of those same friends came over on Sunday afternoon and we had the easiest and nicest greek feta and basil homemade dip. Couldn't walk on Monday as needed someone home with some of the kids! Tuesday I walked, and also on Friday.  I can't remember what happened on Wednesday! There were plans for Thursday middle of the day walk, even dressed in gym clothes and joggers, but it was only through a car park! Pouring rain this morning and a little sick girl in my bed, meant no morning walk. I have been more aware of food serving sizes, and ate lots of lovely vegetables this week.  Scales are my friend today with a 72.1 reading.  Have a great week everyone! smiles Alannah
here is another photo from my holiday, taken on my birthday in Ireland.  This the town my paternal grandmother left at eighteen to move to Australia

Friday, March 4, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts week nine

Good Morning,
This past week I have walked twice, in the mornings and boy, did it tire me out.  This afternoon I am planning on a walk, and have just teed up a date at our swimming pool with DS (5).
I ate lots of chocolate this week, and did lots of study, and was surprised this morning to be at 72.4, after weighing myself on Tuesday at 72.8. Here is a photo taken on my birthday at Bunratty Castle in Ireland, last month, wearing my new wrap.  I won't need to wear it in my home town, although it will be great when I travel to colder places again! Have a great week, smiles, Alannah.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts week eight (or better late than never)

Hi there, I am back!
My apologies for the lateness of my post, and also the omission of weeks six and seven. My holiday was overseas to visit some lovely friends in Abu Dhabi and London, and then a short tour around parts of Ireland.  I went by myself and left DH home with the four kids! I did not pack my joggers, although I did do some exercise!  I strolled around a mosque and walked up sand dunes;  ran alongside trains to the correct carriage while carrying heavy shopping bags; walked kids to school;  climbed many stairs at  train and tube stations; walked streets looking for shopping opportunities and places to eat; strode along many airport concourses; dragged two heavy suitcases and climbed many winding staircases in a few medieval castles.  I ate lots of seafood chowder, drank lots of wine and champagne and did not waste any time sleeping! I was awake for 42 hours straight on the flights home, so came home a little too tired to exercise.  I am pleased to say I have walked for the last two mornings for 45 minutes each time, and my starting weight was 72.8kgs, so actually a small loss from before I went away. Here are some photos to bore you all!  Dinner of Indian in London, dressed in an abaya in Abu Dhabi (so want one for fat days), out in the desert, wine drinking in London, afternoon tea in Harrods.  smiles and have a great week!