Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nina Proudman style outfits

Nina Proudman style has been featured over at Styling You. Nikki breaks down the outfits featured on Channel ten's Offspring's character Nina Proudman each week. I have been reading her posts and last week sent Nikki an email of some of my outfits in a 'Nina Style', which she included in a post.
While I do not have the actress' figure or the budget of her stylist, I have taken the basic elements and made them my own. I do love to wear long skirts, scarves and long necklaces, like Nina does. Here are some recent outfits I have worn, and thanks must go to my nine year old daughter photographer and stylist!

black jeans, black boots, blue tank, off white blouse, cream scarf and necklace from a friend
long skirt, white tee, long necklace and new butterfly print scarf from Katies yesterday
maxi skirt, favourite chocolate cardigan, double necklace
white blouse, draped scarf, long necklace, long skirt and knee length black boots
maxi skirt with my favourite Alannah Hill knit, Katies scarf
maxi skirt, chocolate tee under white blouse, scarf
smiles and hope you enjoy getting dressed this week, whatever your style.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Marvellous Macarons

This year my goal is to perfect the making of macarons. I have made a few batches and am still to perfect the skill, but it is fun to practice (and eat the results).

The recipe in Baked and Delicious magazine suggests:
3 large egg whites
25g granulated (caster) sugar
200g icing sugar
125g almond meal
food colouring (I like to use intense food colouring in a paste form although standard will work)

whip egg whites until stiff and then beat in the sugar until glossy. Combine almond meal and icing sugar and sieve over the meringue mix. Fold, along with food colouring, until mixture flows from spatula in a thick ribbon. Pipe 4cm circles of macarons onto baking paper and allow to rest for about a half hour. When the tops are not sticky and they have lost some shine, bake in a pre-heated oven at 150C for around fifteen minutes. Allow to cool and then gently peel from paper.

Fillings can be anything from chocolate ganache (my favourite) to flavoured custards or buttercreams.

caster sugar, icing sugar and almond meal

beat egg whites until stiff

gorgeous pink base

piped pink macarons
piped vanilla macarons

baked mauve macarons

pretty pink macarons
mauve with chocolate ganache filling

pistachio macarons