Thursday, July 5, 2012

me....a fashion blogger? my new dresses from Seed

I can feel my blog evolving in all sorts of ways. It has been a place to display my scrapbook pages, a place to join in with a blog weight challenge and also a place for some recipes. I have been drawn to some new bloggers in the last few months, in particular Woogsworld and get a regular laugh from her funny blog. Recently, she found a great dress at Seed and instead of calling it the tube maxi dress as the designers did, she gave it the moniker of 'condom dress'!
When Seed Heritage had an online sale, that Mrs Woog alerted me to, I bit the bullet and ordered two online; a black and a camel marle. Inspired by pictures on Mrs Woog's blog and also Nikki over at Styling You, I have been wearing them to death! I love that I can drip dry the dresses and wear them without ironing.

Dressed in my long line cardigan for a day at home and then running around after school
The first time I wore the black dress, with a black top, cardigan and my new favourite scarf (also taken before I realised I could hold the camera down lower!)

 With my new blouse from Katies and the longline cardigan

Black again with the top and shoes I had for a morning wedding in March. Also featured is my new Jimmy Choo handbag with exact matching colours to the blouse!
smiles, Alannah