Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas traditions and decorating at my place

As the countdown approaches to Christmas Day, I have been starting the traditions at our place. In the lead up to Christmas, I bake almond bread and make chicken liver pate. For many years, since Year 12 in 1984, I made apricot jam from dried apricots, but can't see that happening this year. Our Christmas tree seems to go up earlier and earlier each year. One year we might just leave it up. Last year it was up in September. This year it took until November to be found and 'erected'. This was because our eldest usually puts it up, however, she moved out of home this year and has a new tree at her new place. Last year the tree wasn't put into the tree box, but into the trampoline box, so remained hidden until I had a mother look! We open presents of new pyjamas on Christmas Eve after attending church and wear them to bed that night. Christmas morning is usually at my mum's, but she moved out of town this year, so bacon, eggs, fruit and champagne will be breakfast, then a late lunch of ham, turkey and vegetables followed by an afternoon snooze if we are lucky. The kids tend to be in and out of the pool all day.
Do you have family traditions at Christmas?
I have taken a few photographs of my Christmas decorating around my place. Enjoy.

You would be excused for thinking I was Santa's washing lady. The Santa hats and kid-sized Santa outfits were looking a bit on the grubby side. Now nice and fresh.

My nativity set that I sewed a few years ago.

My ancient old angel looks a little stunned at the top of our gorgeous white tree. This year the theme is pink, gold and white.

our beautiful white Christmas tree adorned in pink, gold and pearl coloured ornaments

The Christmas tree shaped arrangement of Christmas cards on the door of the cupboard in our entry foyer.
(Please excuse the angle of the photo. I can't seem to upload photos taken portrait sytle and then edited. This photo was taken landscape then cropped).

Joseph looking adoringly at Mary and baby Jesus.
Wishing you all the joys of Christmas and the fun of Christmas season decorating.

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  1. Oh such lovely Christmassy things & love the Santa clothes on the clothes line look, hilarious. Congratulations on the Donna Hay blog win, yahoo, love Posie