Friday, August 10, 2012

Denim for a week dare

Fox in flats sent out a dare; a denim dare to wear denim for a week.   
 It was a really busy week (story of my life), with some glorious QLD winter days.
I was pleased to wear my new leopard print smoking slipper style shoe (try saying that after a few wines!) as well as some sweet navy satin ballet slippers.

Dark denim jeans, black top and waterfall cardigan and my gorgeous new shoes.

Softer colour jeans, white, pink & gold tee and fave cardigan.

For a christening I thought it best not to wear jeans, so my denim jacket met the dare.

A twinset in cashmere and my favourite bird scarf and another pair of jeans.

Ancient grey demin skirt, orange tee, orange and grey skirt teamed with boots.

Had to go the white denim, white tee and tangerine heart scarf and new navy satin ballets for only $10!
Last day, another pair of jeans that are a bit too big, khaki and black top and grey pasmina.

So, did you do the denim dare, or do you wear denim every day as your uniform?
Smiles and have a great week, whatever you wear!


  1. Hi Alannah
    Of course I wore Denim all week, as I seem to live in jeans or a jacket at the moment. It is one of the perks of being the boss, I get to approve jeans as part of the uniform. lol
    Love your outfits at the moment too, just superb as always.

  2. Great effort Alannah! Loving those leopard flats. x A

  3. some lovely outfits!